I’ve never paid for a hunting trip / safari before, but what can I say – phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal. John Griffiths, July 2014

I’ve hunted all over Western NSW and QLD, the NT and Cape York. Strathburn is easily the best place I have been for getting consistently big boars. Peter Lefel, August 2014

Our experience here on Strathburn Station is one we will not forget. I personally have been to the Cape twice before, and this week on Strathburn has been the best trip of all – heaps of good boars with great teeth and good fishing for barra. I highly recommend Strathburn for a week away. You’ll love it. Last but not least the hospitality has been great, with excellent home-made meals. Alisdair our guide has been an absolute gentleman, providing great laughs and working hard to give us some of the greatest hunting we have experienced. Mark, Mick & Francis, September 2014

All in all, Strathburn is one of my favourite places to hunt in the Cape. It holds plenty of pigs and some great boars. Alisdair is a very keen and capable guide who enjoys his job and will strive to find and put you where the pigs are. Accommodation and the hunting vehicle are very comfortable. So if you want to experience hunting the Cape, give Strathburn a thought. Brad Smith

If you want a great pig hunt, a great wilderness experience and great friendship, don’t go past Alisdair and Strathburn Station. Ask Alisdair about his so-called yabbies, and for a treat the night before you go home try your favourite beverage with yabbies. Yabbies be buggered – mini bloody lobsters. Strathburn is the best pig-hunting place we’ve ever been to. Sign up – you will not be disappointed. Alisdair and Strathburn deliver BIG HOG Hunting Heaven. Brett Pincham

The pigs were in their hundreds and the scrub bulls, dingos, bird life and freshwater crocs were prolific. We even had a beautiful feed of yabbies. Alisdair was a fantastic host and looked after my young family extremely well. Clint Magro

Exploring and hunting over Strathburn was an absolute thrill and I recommend a week up there to all keen hunters – there is no shortage of good solid tusky boars. Mark Distephano

We first visited Strathburn Station in 2012, flying to Cairns then driving up through Laura and Musgrave. Cape York Peninsula is remote and truly amazing, including livestock roaming freely over the roads! On Strathburn itself, our week with Alisdair and his crew was second to none. The hospitality was great, meals were hearty and there were plenty of pigs to shoot and plenty of barra to catch. We had such a fantastic time that we’re going again in 2014. A remarkable experience for those who’ve never been to The Last Frontier, make sure you put it on your Bucket list. Darren Hayes

I certainly intend on returning to Strathburn in the near future. From what I’ve experienced, I would recommend Strathburn as one of the best pig-hunting destinations I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. Tony Pizzata

I’ve hunted for 35 years, on small farms and big properties across Australia, including in Arnhem Land. In recent years, I’ve been further afield for adventure in places like the US, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Turkey and Kyrgyzstan. I’ve managed to deck wild sheep, goats, European wild boars and wolves in these faraway places. It’s been a lot of fun, but trophy hunts at the ends of the earth also are a lot of effort, cost and stress to both the body and bank balance. Being Australian, I’ve always had a special hunting place in mind and where I yearn to return. For years, I’d read Cape-York adventure stories by travellers and hunters, and I was intrigued. Strathburn Station was one of the largest and most remote cattle stations I’d read about. I finally made the effort to head up and hunt the majestic region. I’d always figured the sheer land size meant more game and more places to hunt. And so it was! After three trips to Strathburn, I’m already talking with Alisdair about my 4th fabulous adventure up there! Miles Sandy – Hunter & collector

Alisdair proved to be a champion guide and top bloke. Strathburn produced quality tuskers aplenty, arguably the best in Australia, and we’ve already started making plans for next year. Autal Farkas

I had the pleasure of hunting for a week at Strathburn Station, with Alisdair Robertson as my guide. First off, and to me most importantly – I have NEVER had a guide so willing to work so long and hard to make my hunt successful and fun! Late on hot afternoons, as I was petering out, Alisdair was still gung-ho to keep after game. Accommodations were nice, especially for being hours and hours from anywhere. Game was abundant – I have never seen so many pigs, nor so many of such a good size. The week was great value for money – I was looked after the entire week, with no let up on his first-class guiding efforts. I highly recommend Strathburn Station, and especially the services of Alisdair – he delivers again and again. Ken Kempa (US hunter and author)

Having now done three trips to Strathburn, I can say that it gets better every time! The station’s remoteness and diversity of wildlife are incredible. The accommodation and food are pretty good and those late afternoon beers never tasted so sweet! “Al” is a fantastic guide, who not only knows the place like the back of his hand and is heaps of fun, but has an amazing ability to get you onto pigs every day! He makes it all seem so easy. Strathburn is truly a unique experience for anyone who loves the outdoors, hunting and chasing barramundi. It’s a brilliant option for a boys’ week with a crew of close friends, or for a couple who both enjoy remote wilderness. I can’t wait to get back! Jimmy V.

I have hunted with Strathburn safaris twice and recommend the operation highly. Alisdair is a great guide, who worked hard to ensure we had successful and enjoyable weeks. On both trips I was impressed with the number of boars and tusk size. As well as great hunting, we also managed to catch a few Barramundi, Saratoga and Tarpon. On top of the hunting and fishing action in this remote wilderness, visitors get the opportunity to view some of Australia’s best birdlife in almost undisturbed native habitat. Stan Moffatt

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