Strathburn Cattle Station
Strathburn Cattle

Strathburn Cattle Station – Boars, Bulls, Barramundi and Birds
Pig Hunting, Bowhunting, Fishing & Birdwatching in Pristine Cape York

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1 Sporting Shooter
2 Bacon Busters
3 SportingShooter  Return to Cape
4 Bowhunting D/U  Strathburn Safari
5 Aust. Bowhunter  Pork & Beef
6 Big Game Aust.  Cape Boars
7 Bacon Busters  Strathburn Hunt
8 Big Game Aust.  Strathburn Boars
9 Bacon Busters  Ivory Central
10 Sporting Shooter  Northern Safari
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Pig shooting
safaris suspended
for next couple years

Strathburn Cattle Station is a large-scale breeding property (50km by 50km) with abundant water and feed in the heart of Cape York. Beyond its reliable seasons and the production of thousands of healthy Brahman weaners each year, Strathburn's wilderness abounds with waterholes, wetlands and wildlife, including barramundi, brolgas, brumbies, crocodiles, eagles, jabiru, jacana, palm cockatoos, saratoga, scrub bulls and feral pigs.

ENJOY an extraordinary week with your mates in the heart of Cape York hunting wild boars, bulls and barramundi, or with your family simply photographing Strathburn's wonderful diversity of wildlife and wetlands. Our week-long safaris cater for groups of 2-5 visitors: the deal includes a friendly and safety-conscious guide, his vehicle, homestead accommodation and all meals. Here's how to get there from Cairns:

Strathburn has been in the safari business for almost a quarter of a century. Look to the left, and check out recent upbeat Expert Reviews of Strathburn Safaris by several of Australia's most-popular hunting magazines. Wed work hard to help you and your crew have a great trip. Sorry no dogs - rifles and bowhunting only. T

For further information, or to secure your preferred week between June and November, email and receive a prompt reply.


Boars, Bulls, Barra, Cape York Peninsula Queensland, Australia - Saturday, 16th October 2021

Strathburn Cattle Station, Pig Hunting and Birds in Pristine Cape York, Australia

Please email Or phone 0414 703 471

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